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The Pogo website has a lot of information about how to acquire games running as well, so reference that if you want some assistance.

Many problemsare generated by your antivirus software, firewall, or some ad-blocking software mistakenly blocking games. It will help you to determine what might be failing.

One of the more common issues is Pogo games not working in Chrome once the browser update. Whether you are managing a Windows PC or Mac OSX, you should be able to run Pogo.

Be sure that your browser actually supports the version of Java you have installed.
Uninstall any older versions of Java on your pc (unless you understand specifically the reasons you need them), and enable automatic updates. Use Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox or Safari instead.com games as long as you have Java 7. Whether you are managing a Windows PC or Mac OSX, you must be able to run Pogo.com Errors and Problems

There are many reasons you could possibly encounter errors looking to run games on Pogo. You can get instructions for how to get this done inside the help files for your specific software.

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